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  Foraging with 'Wildman' Steve Brill

  Fun Science Gallery

  • Click here to visit the Fun Science Gallery web page
  • Fun, simple, low cost science experiments for amateur scientists!
  • An informative collection of scientific instruments and experiments to make at home or at school, complemented by images and diagrams.
  • Here you will find instructions showing you how to build scientific equipment from relatively cheap materials. This site is a must for the amateur scientist. Projects include instructions for making telescopes, microscopes (like the one invented by Anton van Leeuwenhoek), batteries, sidereal indicators, and several other instruments. Moreover, you will find programs on the lexical analysis of texts and the determination of the readability of texts.
  Fun Science Gallery

  • Click here to visit the Fun Science Gallery web page
  • The Fun Science Gallery is an informative web site with a wealth of information for amateur scientist and a good source for science fair ideas.
  • Visit this site to see projects to build your own microscope as well as other projects for the amateur scientist. In addition to the well detailed projects, there are the links for other sites of interest to the amateur scientist, young and old alike.
  Galileo Galilei

  Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers


  • Click here to visit the Glacier web page
  • GLACIER is a website all about Antarctica and the part Antarctica plays in our global system of weather and climate and oceans and geology!
  • The GLACIER Web Site is intended to introduce you to the Antarctic and the brave souls who are investigating that vast, frozen continent.
  Gorilla Foundation

  • Click here to visit the Gorilla Foundation web page
  • Established in 1976, The Gorilla Foundation/Koko.org promotes the protection, preservation and propagation of gorillas.
  • Their goal is to save gorillas, and inspire our children to create a better future for all species.
  Great Lakes Science Center

  Green Frog News

  • Click here to visit the Green Frog News web page
  • The Green Frog News offers free resources for educators for grades K - 8: coloring, experiments, newsletters, fact sheets, downloadable science & environmental newsletter for children grades 4-6, and much more.
  Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide

  • Click here to visit the Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide web page
  • This site contains links to public museums all over the world with a strong emphasis on interactive science education.
  • Visit the greatest museums all over the world from you computer.
  • Some of the links on this site have changed but it still gives you a good overview of the world's science museums.
  Historic Wings

  • Click here to visit the Historic Wings web page
  • Historic Wings tells the stories and shows the pictures that any aeronautics lover will want to hear and see.
  • Read about Chuck Yeager's historic record-breaking flight in the Bell X-1, becoming the first pilot to exceed the speed of sound!
  • Tour their intensive multimedia photo gallery, complete with the original radio broadcast of the famous zeppelin Hindenburg and its fiery end. A wealth of aeronautic history and information
  Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

  • Click here to visit the Hoagies' Gifted Education web page
  • This site is a rich resource for teachers, parents and kids who are themselves gifted or are working with a gifted child.
  • Information about gifted children is very extensive.
  • Kids will find hours of fun activities and resources in the Kids & Teens section.
  How Everyday Things Are Made.

  • Click here to visit the How Everyday Things Are Made. web page
  • If you've ever wondered how things are made - products like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles - or if you've been interested in manufacturing processes, like forging, casting, or injection molding, then you've come to the right place.
  • This website from Stamford University for kids and adults shows how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes, and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video. Take online tours of factories to see how a saxophone or a semi-conductor chip is made.
  How Stuff Works

  • Click here to visit the How Stuff Works web page
  • This site is loaded with interesting explanations about how common everyday "stuff" works.
  • Find out how smoke detectors, mountain bikes, air conditioners, and hang gliders work.
  • Select from a long list and have fun learning how the world around us works.
  Hubble Space Telescope Project

  • Click here to visit the Hubble Space Telescope Project web page
  • Learn more about our most famous telescope.
  • How was the Hubble Space Telescope built? How does the technology work that has provided us with some of the most stunning images from space. How has it expanded our understanding of our universe?
  • Visit this site to learn more and use live interactive web cameras.
  Human Anatomy Online

  • Click here to visit the Human Anatomy Online web page
  • Study the anatomy of the human body.
  • Its fun, interactive, and an ideal reference site for students or those who just want to know more about the medical descriptions used by doctors and nurses.
  • Each topic has animations, 100s of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links.
  Human Genetics - A Worldwide Search for the Dominant Trait

  Human Spaceflight

  Hurricane Hunters

  Impact craters

  Infrared Astronomy

  • Click here to visit the Infrared Astronomy web page
  • Using Infrared, astronomers can gather information about the universe as it was a very long time ago and study the early evolution of galaxies. All about infrared astronomy from NASA's infrared astronomy center
  Insect Recipes

  Insects in the Classroom

  • Click here to visit the Insects in the Classroom web page
  • Learn about insects from the Entomological Society of America.
  • Their site is developed for use in educating students about the wonders of the insect world. Lesson plans and other educational resources are regularly posted for study and use by the public.

  • Click here to visit the InteliHealth web page
  • There are many sites on the Web that offer health advice, but few make it as informative as InteliHealth.
  • Its drug resource center features basic information about how to read a drug label and safety tips when you take medicines.
  • It also has news, a hospital locator, and a medical dictionary.
  Internet Public Library Science Fair Project Resource Guide

  Io The Volcanic Moon of Jupiter

  Iowa Robotic Telescopes

  • Click here to visit the Iowa Robotic Telescopes web page
  • The University of Iowa Physics and Astronomy Department maintains these pages as a guide to their suite of robotic, autonomous tasking telescopes.
  • In addition to using these instruments for teaching and faculty and student research, limited observing time is made available to anyone with an interest in Astronomy and a valid observing request.
  Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery

  Iowa State University Extension Food Safety Project

  John Burroughs School - Curriculum Resources

  Jurassic Park Institute

  • Click here to visit the Jurassic Park Institute web page
  • The formation of the Jurassic Park Institute represents the next step in the evolution of one of the most popular franchises in motion picture history - Jurassic Park.
  • A science-based and educationally focused program, JPI has one mission - to provide kids, families, educators and scientists with the ultimate resource for dinosaur learning and fun.
  • Have fun and explore the interactive Dino Lab.
  Kid's Cosmos

  • Click here to visit the Kid's Cosmos web page
  • Kid's Cosmos goal is bringing astronomy to the classroom...
  • Their programs are designed as a multi-curriculum, hands-on approach to learning for both students and teachers. By integrating math, reading, creative writing and science, Kid's Cosmos is helping educators prepare today's youth for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Check out their Student Center which allows students to explore the solar system and planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Our sun, stars, constellations, nebulae and basic astronomy information is included as well as space exploration, scientific notation and lots more...
  Kinetic City Cyber Club

  • Click here to visit the Kinetic City Cyber Club web page
  • Cartoon kids and a chatty supercomputer travel the world in a super train, solving science-related mysteries.
  • Behind the fun is the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Fast internet link is recommended. This site uses may animated graphics.
  Liberty Science Center

  Library of 3-D Molecular Structures


  • Click here to visit the Louvre web page
  • It started out as a medieval fortress, became the palace of the kings of France, and has been a museum for the last two hundred years.
  • These buildings have a history of over 800 years.
  • Learn more about the Louvre and take a virtual tour of its galleries. The site is offered in English, French, and Spanish.
  Marconi Calling

  Mark de Regt's Astronomical Images

  • Click here to visit the Mark de Regt's Astronomical Images web page
  • Here is a site that shows some stunning astronomical photographs made by a local - Redmond, Washington, USA (just outside Seattle) - amateur astronomer.
  • Using some good equipment (Meade 10" LX200 f/10 computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope) and some readily available computer photo processing programs, these images are an inspiration for all amateur astronomy photographers.
  • Mark provides information how he made these photographs with each photograph detail. Visit this site regularly to see new images viewed from the “rainy” Pacific Northwest.

  • Click here to visit the MarsNews web page
  • Billed as the news wire for the new frontier, MarsNews brings a daily dose of updates on the red planet, from new NASA images to the status of would-be expeditions.
  Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Click here to visit the Material Safety Data Sheets web page
  • Need information about common chemicals, safety facts, etc.
  • Here is a list of sites for Material Safety Data Sheets for common chemicals used in chemistry education.
  • MSDS sheets provide invaluable information about safety information for common chemicals. A must for anyone planning to work safely with any chemicals.
  Math Forum


  • Click here to visit the Mathworld web page
  • MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers.
  • Like the vibrant and constantly evolving discipline of mathematics, this site is continuously updated to include new material and incorporate new discoveries.
  Mayo Clinic Health Oasis

  MicrobeWorld - American Society for Microbiology

  Miss Maggies Earth Adventures

  • Click here to visit the Miss Maggies Earth Adventures web page
  • Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures is a state-of-the-art, animated program that teaches children about such topics as over fishing, organic farming, environmental technologies and more through the lively exploits of the engaging "Miss Maggie" and her precocious dog "Dude".
  • Designed for teachers and students with an extensive teacher's resource area.
  Monarch Watch

  • Click here to visit the Monarch Watch web page
  • Monarch Watch, an educational outreach program at the University of Kansas. Their goals are - to further science education, particularly in primary and secondary school systems, to promote the conservation of Monarch butterflies; and to involve thousands of students and adults in a cooperative study of the fall migration of the Monarch.
  Museum of Flight in Seattle

  • Click here to visit the Museum of Flight in Seattle web page
  • Visit this site of one of the world's premiere space and flight museums. Browse through the Museum of Flight's extensive collection of aerospace artifacts. You will find everything from a retired British Airways Concorde to numerous airplanes from the beginning of aviation history.
  • If you are in the Puget Sound area the kids won't want to miss the Aerospace Camp Experience (ACE) Program for kids in grades 1-9.
  NASA Spacelink

  • Click here to visit the NASA Spacelink web page
  • NASA Spacelink is an electronic resource developed for the education community.
  • Spacelink contains current and historical information related to NASA's aeronautics and space research, and information on NASA programs and projects.
  • Spacelink also provides links to other NASA resources on the Internet. Educators can access teacher's guides with hands-on activities in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology, current status reports on Agency projects and events, and broadcast schedules for NASA Television
  National Geographic

  National Inventors Hall of Fame

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